October 22, 2007

About our Premium Elastomeric Collar and Warranty

  • Our premium elastomeric collar has always been used on Super Neo-Poly Roof Flashings.
  • Our entire product line of Aluminum Neva-Calk Flashings (ANC series), Galvanized Neva-Calk Flashings (GNC series) and Copper Neva-Calk Flashings (CNC series) now features our premium elastomeric collar.
  • Neva-Calk Flashings and Super Neo-Poly are backed by a twenty year limited warranty.
  • Premium elastomeric collars on metal base flashings are indicated by the word Premium embossed on the collar.
  • A warranty sheet is included in every carton.

    Using petroleum based mastics, sealing compounds or paints on any collar or on the base of the Super Neo-Poly Flashings will void the warranty.

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