Premium Neo-Poly
Roof Flashings
Fits flat to 12/12 pitch (45º)
  • Traditional style thermoplastic base
  • Premium elastomer collar
  • Excellent weathering and ultraviolet stabilization
  • Twenty year replacement warranty
  • Stiffer hard base polypropylene
  • Not for hot-mopped or built-up roof applications
  • Made in the USA
  • ICC-ES approved

NOTE: Do not use petroleum based mastics, sealing compounds or paints on collar or base.

Prod. No.
Pipe Size
Base Size
Ctn. Qty
Ctn. Wt.
PNP30 3" 10-3/4"x14-7/16 12 6#
PNP123 1-1/2"x2"x3" 10-3/4"x14-7/16" 12 6#